Nashville, TN may have lost a local watering hole on Second Avenue in 2010, but the memories of Mulligan’s Pub and Restaurant are immortalized online.

The Irish Pub was, at the time, located across from the Wildhorse Saloon. A popular spot for tourists and locals, the news of its closing was met with an outpouring of responses.

“VERY SAD [sic] to see this has closed,” wrote Zee M., of Huntsville, AL, on Yelp in 2011. “I loved it here and, after having tried their colcannon, learned how to make my own.”

The user went on to say that they were prone to visiting whenever “we could brave the Second Avenue crowds.”

The pub announced its closing in a post on their website in early December 2010. The note thanked patrons for the pub’s 20 “wonderful years” and for their “support and love.”

The post also expressed the hope that it became a part of its patrons’ lives.

Although the news came as a shock to some, one man knew it was time. Tony Lyons was the operator of the restaurant for nearly 23 years. Now almost 10 years ago, Lyons was ready to retire. The operator’s goal was to sell Mulligan’s to another restaurant operator, with the hope being that another Irish Pub would open in its place.

Former patrons described the pub as the sort of place it was impossible not to enjoy oneself. The bar and music were downstairs, which according to one patron also included a band who played traditional Irish drinking songs. The same patron, David S., of Nashville, TN, posted on Yelp in 2008 that there were parts of songs that the band would teach patrons.

David S. added that despite downtown tourists and his propensity of avoiding the area, he did not mind braving the crowds to go there for a “Whiskey in the Jar.”

“This is a great Irish pub and quite a welcome change of pace from most of the scene on Second Ave.,” he wrote.

That “scene” changed over the years, Lyons said. The biggest change? They could once play frisbee in the street at 2 a.m.