If walls could talk, it is hard to imagine that the ones at one former Fort Collins, CO Irish pub could say anything that did not become public knowledge over the years.

Mulligan’s Pub & Sports Club closed its doors in January 2019. The pub did not close quietly, though. Posted on its Facebook page, the South College Avenue pub expressed the hope that someone might one day put into the pub the money and energy that it “needs and deserves.”

Numerous past and present patrons took to the comment section on Facebook to bid a farewell to the pub. Many also recalled fond memories from their nights spent there. One former patron reminisced about how the pub opened their doors “as a space for Irish music and dance.”

Other commenters recalled the fun atmosphere and how the pub was a great place to spend time with friends.

“That place was always a place of comfort for us regulars,” wrote one such Facebook user. “It’ll always have a special place in my heart cause [sic] I’ve met many of my life long friends there.”

Mulligan’s Pub opened in 1990 and, in recent years, it became a haven for area Green Bay Packers fans. Before that, the pub experienced multiple periods of transition. The local hub closed for a brief time in June 2005. It later reopened that same year in December under new management.

Another period of transition included when the pub was temporarily seized in 2013 by the government. At the time, the restaurant and bar owned the state more than $57,000. The restaurant and bar’s owed fees were in back sales taxes and wage withholdings.

Still, the news of the closing came as a shock for many who frequented it. Today, in its place, is a new hangout, The Irish Pub. The new pub boasts its elevated cocktails, offers entertainment and poker nights, and strives to provide patrons with a “classic neighborhood Irish Social House feel.”

The new pub was slated to open on March 13.